Save the date: Specialization Workshop offered again in February

Philip Morgan

The next offering of my Specialization Workshop starts in February. It’s a 2-month online workshop that helps you experience what market validation feels like; both the highs and the lows of getting feedback from the market. Details: /workshops/specialization-workshop/ If you’d like to be a part of this workshop and you’re ready to move on that, there’s a 30% early-bird discount available. Hit REPLY and I’ll hook you up with that discount. There are 4 scholarship seats in this workshop. If you would benefit from this workshop but the $1,200-minus-30% price is beyond what you can afford, you can have one of the 4 scholarship seats. You get to name your price, that price can be as low as $0, and no one else in the workshop will know that you received a scholarship seat. Scholarship seats are first come-first serve, and offered on the honor system (You won’t be asked for information about your finances or actual level of need, etc.). Just hit REPLY. Keep building; keep taking risks y’all, -P