Scheduling your heartburn

Philip Morgan

When I was younger, I could easily digest a wooden chair leg if you gave me enough hot sauce to go with it.Nowdays... I have to carefully schedule eating even medium spicy Indian food so I have enough time to digest it before I hit the sack. If I don't, it's HEARTBURN CITY and a very cranky Philip the next day!This makes me think about the whole idea of predictability.The following is probably true of your business, even if you'd rather not admit it:

  1. If you let yourself get 100% busy with client work and stop marketing your services, you will be facing a pretty severe revenue shortage in 3 to 9 months.
  2. You know that over the next year you'll probably say yes to a client you'll later wish you hadn't, but you'll need the money or need to keep your team utilized during a gap in your schedule, so you'll say yes anyway (see #1 above).
  3. You don't have one or two "levers" you can pull to improve your pipeline.

Not only are these things probably true (and congrats if they're not! You're in the top 5%!), but they're predictable.Just like I know exactly what's going to happen if I eat a bowl of Saag Paneer at 7pm, you know exactly what's going to happen if you don't market your business effectively. The result is no surprise at all.I can help you with identifying, validating, and dominating a profitable market position in my book: I've just completed a significant update and you can snag the new version at the old price. Don't wait until I update the pricing to reflect the increased value: http://thepositioningmanual.comBurnin,-P