Serverless testing, marketing strategy for mission-driven businesses, and freshly-ironed shirts

Philip Morgan

What you are up to — notes from readers

Paul Swail ( is offering a workshop on testing in a serverless environment, starting November 2 (early bird pricing is expires October 28): Paul’s mixed methods research into the serverless space identified the lack of testing knowledge and best practice as one of the main pain points, so he put together this workshop to help advance the state of the art there. More details: Cassie Lowe shares this: “A couple months ago you sent a newsletter about open source projects. That made me curious to find out if there are any open source marketing resources. I found the Open Source Marketing project in my search, and decided to adapt the system to my niche - social enterprise. I created this marketing strategy guide as a way to make sure mission-driven businesses have access to marketing strategy information. It also doubles as a packaged consulting offer, if a business owner wants hands-on guidance through the process. I just published it, and I’m excited to share it with anyone who could use this information. :)” To share your news, projects, and events, fill out this mercifully brief form and I’ll share the relevant ones back to this list: Keep building; keep taking risks y’all, -P The next live TEI Talk streams at 9am Pacific/4pm GMT today. The topic is: selling to an email list. You can show up at at GO TIME or you can get more details at During this talk, I’ll be guiding you through the ideas in this mindmap ( and this model ( And also, I will be wearing a freshly-ironed shirt.