Singing on key

Philip Morgan

If you loved writing and singing songs but your singing voice was kind of croakey, you couldn't hit certain high notes, and you couldn't really sing exactly on key, would you pursue a career in music?Maybe you wouldn't. I certainly wouldn't :) But there are two wonderful musicians with... questionable voices that I would miss deeply if they hadn't done it anyway.Matthew Houck--performing under the stage name Phosphorescent--is one of those. His voice has all kinds of "flaws". A Pitchfork reviewer had this to say about it: "(Houck's voice is an) unreliable instrument--reedy, hiccuping, prone to cutting out entirely mid-note".One of Houck's songs has been used in seven movie soundtracks!Lucinda Williams is another musician like this.When I lived in Nashville, TN I worked as a network administrator at an entertainment business company. One of my co-workers had run the sound board for several Emmylou Harris shows. Harris would always invite Williams on stage for a duet if possible, and my friend said she had to turn Williams' microphone waaaaaay down because she couldn't sing on key to save her life.This "flaw" didn't stop Williams from winning a Grammy award in 1999. In fact, that's part of what makes her music so interesting. She uses that "flaw" to make the music stand out.It's probably the same with your business.Perhaps you have some unique attribute that seems like a weakness when compared to other firms.Chances are it could become part of positioning your business in a stronger way. Find out more here: