Smart AI or dumb &#@!

Philip Morgan

A couple days into my Spain trip, I access Quora.

Quora then starts surfacing Spain-related questions in their daily email to me (ex: "Why do people in Spain stare?" Not kidding, that was a real question Quora sent me).

Is this smart AI/machine learning or just dumb IF-THEN type stuff?

Speaking of Quora, this question wins Quora for the year as far as I'm concerned:

funny Quora question


One my jobs during college was a summer of waiting tables at the Olive Garden restaurant in Winston-Salem. Maybe that's why that story is so funny to me.

That might have been where I learned that all value is contextual. I wouldn't have put it exactly like that back then, but when the lunch crowd orders a package deal of (unlimited) soup, salad, and breadsticks for whatever that cost back then and winks at you and says "keep 'em comin'" when they run out of anything and leaves a tip of whatever loose change they wanted to get rid of, and then the dinner crowd orders appetizers and three different drinks you've never heard of for each person at the table and leaves an decent tip, you do get the message that context matters in matters of money and value.

What are you doing to change the context so your clients value your services more?