Some interesting in-public stuff

Philip Morgan

Two quick items of interest for you today, both sharing a bit of the same DNA. 1) Sarah Avenir of &Yet is offering a free course on a human approach to marketing. The course itself is interesting. I'm especially interested in the way she's distributing the content using Instagram. It's a very "brand-marketing-ey" approach [1], and it was compelling enough for me to set up an Instagram account so I could follow along and learn from what she's doing. You can too; her course is available here: 2) Last week I tried my first livestreamed TEI roundtable event, and you can see the recording here: This is also an attempt at moving stuff from behind an opt-in gate and out into the open. The roundtable went great, and if the topic of designing online group workshops/trainings is of interest to you, then the recording is worth watching. And yet, the roundtable raised a few questions about how to make future roundtables like this more valuable to participants and viewers. The next livestreamed TEI roundtable will probably include a "scribe" role — someone who will use Mural or a similar tool to create an artifact of the discussion. There's probably value to be created by also separating the facilitator/host role from the producer role. Livestreaming tech is relatively simple, but does add the cognitive burden of switching between gallery and presenter view, to name one of several forms of individually small but collectively significant cognitive overhead. And then there's simple dumb stuff like: if you're going to send out a calendar invite for the roundtable saying it starts at a certain time, make sure everybody's there and the livestream is up and running by that time. :) Unlike webinars, livestreams have no software-provided "waiting room" where attendees hang out waiting for the event to start. You can create that waiting room experience by broadcasting a pre-recorded video (Halocene does this at the beginning of their livestreams), or a still image combined with some pre-recorded audio, but it's still up to the livestream host to actually think about and do these things. So there you go; two items that either might have content that's relevant to you, or have been done in a context that is experimental and interesting. Have a great day, -P

Notes: 1: By "brand-marketing-ey" approach, I mean un-gating the content, and trusting that the value of the content will do more to help your business than using the content to collect or increase the size of a list of email addresses would.