"Sorry, our legal team doesn't let us give case studies or quotes"

Philip Morgan

Summer always seems to find a way to throw me off my game.

I try to add 3 new examples each weekday to http://specializationexamples.com. I've been, to say the least, inconsistent in this effort as of late.

As I write, wildfire smoke in the atmosphere is filtering the sunlight down to an eerie orange glow, which is distracting. The southern border of the largest wildfire in California history is an 80 mile drive from my house. After last year's Tubbs fire deposited a half-burnt page of an Ann Coulter book in my yard and burnt down the houses of 6 people I know, even 80 miles feels way too close for comfort.

We'll probably be fine though. As Omar Little used to say, all in the game yo.

Anyway, while I was adding a vertically focused marketing firm to http://specializationexamples.com, I came across an example of an interesting "plan B" for when it's hard to get clients to go on record with a quote or testimonial. This often happens with larger clients who have legal teams that see everything as a potential threat.

The usual plan B for this is to stick the client's logo on your site and call it a day.

But check out this interesting alternate approach:


It's from https://www.twoscore.biz/ if you want to see a bigger version in context.

TwoScore is looking at their clients as a group, and focusing on areas where their client cohort outperformed their peers in the industry.

It's not as strong as a great case study from a client who is a household name in the industry, but it's far more compelling than a block of client logos on the site! And if your client won't agree to a case study or testimonial, it's a pretty great plan B for making your client's success part of your credibility.