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Philip Morgan

I've got a sore throat that tells me I've been working too hard as of late, so I'll keep this short.When it comes to a 404 page for your website, you can do better than something like this:ImageGenerally I try to avoid doing unsolicited "teardowns" because there's all kinds of context that--as an outsider--I'm not privy to and that reduces the value of that kind of teardown. But I recently came across this example of a 404 page that points out a missed opportunity you can learn from.What about putting a listing of your most helpful content marketing assets there instead of the default WordPress or other CMS-provided 404 page? Or what about an opt-in form for an email course?It's pretty easy to do this. On my site I just copied my /resources page and tweaked some copy. You can see what I'm talking about at any invalid URL like /asl;fdjlsk;fadThere are several WordPress plugins that let you easily replace the default 404 page with another page of your choosing. I use this one:'s maybe 15 minutes of work to make your website better. Why not, right?