Steal this educational resource center

Philip Morgan

You probably know that I'm an advocate of not blogging, but instead creating an authoritative collection of articles that focus on your ideal client, the problem you focus on solving, or both. After you've got that collection of articles done, then stop writing (or screencasting, etc.) and start using it to generate leads. I (and others) call this collection of articles an educational resource center.I was corresponding with a former Positioning Accelerator Program participant recently and he linked me to an educational resource center that he's building:'s awesome, and you should check it out.I asked Daniel how his resource center is functioning as a lead generating asset. He said:---_It has created several leads for me, though no new projects just yet.  But I’m very happy with how it is working.  I’ve built up a small but interested mailing list of 230 people.  People have been reaching out to me - not in droves, but the handful of people who have is more than my old, generalist site produced in 7 years!  It will take time but I’m very pleased with how it is progressing._I’ve also changed my main website for New Leaf Data in an effort to do less “hands” work and more “head” work.I know I only had 2 months of coaching with you, Philip, but I learned a lot.  I also listen to the Freelancer’s Show and am on Jonathan Stark’s email list.  All of these things have been great resources for focusing my business.Many thanks!---I don't mean to literally steal Daniel's work, but please do steal the overall content marketing approach he's using. It's a really solid approach, and as you can see from what he wrote me, it's already starting to produce better results for him than the generalist brochure website approach.Again, do take a moment to see what Daniels' building at: to you soon,-P