Strong differentiation #3: easier to work with

Philip Morgan

Strong form of differentiation #3: Be easier for your client to work with.Remember that weak forms of differentiation are claims that almost any of your competitors can credibly make. "We have a great process." "We have a great team." That kind of thing...Of my list of 10 strong differentiators, this one is the least likely to be a good headline differentiator.That said, it's still a potentially useful way to differentiate your business if you can legitimately discover a way to be easier to work with that matters to your clients. And that doesn't involve being a "yes man/woman" (saying yes to bad ideas is consulting malpractice).I can't offer much in the way of specific ideas about what might make you easier to work with because it depends so much on what your clients need and care about.In general though, look into the following as potential ways to become easier to work with:Communication frequency and style (more might be better for some clients, less might be better for others)Learning more about their business/industry (focusing on serving a single market vertical helps a lot here)Find ways to make decisions easier for them (maybe that's more templates, more examples, more research, more best practices)Think about what amazing customer service would look like and start doing more of thatMy biggest suggestion is to simply ask your past clients: "I'm trying to improve my business. If we could do that project over again and improve anything about how I handled it, what would you want to see changed?"One of the most powerful differentiators is to have a clear focus to your business. Simply doing that will set you apart from the majority of your potential competition. Learn how to choose the right focus here: to you tomorrow about the next strong differentiator,-P