Superserve your fans

Philip Morgan

Bob Lefsetz's nearly-daily email list, The Lefsetz Letter, is a bit of an acquired taste.

Lefsetz is a really smart guy who has been in the music business for a long time. He writes just like he talks, and it can come across a bit ranty and stream of consciousness.

But it's good stuff. There's a clear point of view that he's working from, and he helps you see the forest-level view of things -- trends and patterns in the world of music and entertainment.

I believe but cannot prove that any indie consultant who is interested in shaping or leading a market can learn a lot from the music business. And from Lefsetz:

Don't look at it from top down, but bottom up. Don't compare yourself to Billie Eilish or the Weeknd, don't get frustrated that your numbers are so low, instead focus on the build…are your numbers going up and what can you do to make them increase? And the truth is spamming everybody does not work, you've got to superserve the fans you've got, they are the best spreaders of your music, you've got to keep them interested, you've got to empower them.


Keep building; keep taking risks, y'all