Tell me... what's wrong with a little grind and bump

Philip Morgan

Today's email is late because I've been in a host migration k-hole this week.

Since August I've been doing this 3-day work week experiment, and you combine that with a sense of urgency about moving to a new WordPress hosting company and you get a late email today. :)

Actually, I've got about 5 emails queued up, but I wanted today to be more realtime so I can update you on the Positioning Course project. More on that shortly.

In case you're wondering about the hosting thing, SiteGround has really solid support but they have started to suck major wind in terms of performance. I was seeing 4.5s time-to-first-byte times on a good day with them. I know TTFB is not the most important performance metric, but doing anything on a site where you have to wait 5 to 6 seconds to see a response to your input is PAINFUL.

For a test, I spun up the smallest droplet DigitalOcean offers ($5/mo), set up a WordPress environment using ServerPilot, and slapped on some caching with Redis and WPRocket. I test-migrated to this DigitalOcean droplet to see how the performance might change.

Time-to-first-byte went from 4.5 seconds to 0.15 seconds.

It was shocking how fast and responsive this little cheap server was. Sure, the only load was me, but my site only gets maybe 50 to 100 visitors a day, so scaling is not really the issue--but responsiveness certainly is.

Anyway, that DigitalOcean experiment sealed the deal for me. I needed a new host. Me self-hosting a production WordPress site would be technology malpractice and I'd be hacked in a few weeks tops, so I looked around for a better managed host. So far the Neutrino plan is a significant improvement, and their support is definitely top-notch. It's not as fast as the $5/mo DigitalOcean droplet, but I don't have to drop what I'm doing when it gets hacked (because it probably won't get hacked), which is worth a little less speed and a bit more money to me.

Back to the course...

On Wednesday of this week I met with Janelle Allen and this happened:

Mind blown, yo!

I've been wanting to build a course on positioning because my book is self-guided and quite a few people who can't afford my Positioning Accelerator Program would benefit the structure, guidance, and accountability that a good online course would offer.

Yes, I could have recorded a few videos, copy-pasted some stuff from The Positioning Manual, and slapped together a "course". Intuitively I know this approach would be crappy.

I've been working with Janelle ( for the past month to design something way better.

A good course needs to maximize support, progress checkpoints, and accountability. It can't just be a semi-structured information dump.

It needs to deploy group support elements to help more participants achieve the course goal.

And it needs to have a singular goal. Again, it can't just be an information dump, and it can't accommodate every learner need. It has to screen some people out and point them to lower or higher touch options that might be a better fit for their needs.

Janelle presented her recommendations on Wednesday, and I'm super excited because now I have the plan I need to build a freaking great course for you.

preview of course plan

If you're at all interested in this course, click this Drip trigger link. It'll tag you in my email software as "interested in this course". No obligation, just a way to get first access to the course before anyone else does along with discounted pre-launch pricing --> /thank-you/drip-trigger-link-positioning-online-course/

Talk to you soon,

PS - If you can name the song this email's title comes from I'll enter you to win free access to the course. Just hit REPLY and let me know the artist and song title.

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