That's hardcore, man

Philip Morgan

A few days ago my wife and I rushed our dog Malcolm to the emergency animal hospital in Cotati at 2:30am.

Malcolm got me up at like 2:15am to use the bathroom, I took him outside, and then on the way back to bed he fell over and had what appeared to be a seizure for about a minute.

This has happened to him before. The last time it happened, we also went to the animal ER and they said his heart stopped and then re-started by itself. That day he had a total of 4 of these apparent seizure/heart-stopping-and-restarting episodes. The cardiologist got Malcolm on some heart meds and he's seemed to be fine except for the episode a few days ago.

For context, Malcolm is a deaf red heeler who is 17 years old.

Anyway, while we were driving to the animal ER at 2:30am, I saw the most hardcore thing I've seen in a long time.

We were driving down highway 116, a rural 2-lane highway that connects Sebastopol and Cotati, where the animal ER is.

I saw some dude bicycling to work at 2:30am on a major highway.

This was not the spandex-clad dudes you see on $4,000 road bikes on weekends in Sonoma County.

I'm pretty sure this was someone who works as a prep cook or some other kind of job with horrendous hours, biking to work (or home from work), on a not-$4000 not-awesome bicycle.

Hard. freaking. core!

You're probably a long way from that dude's situation. In fact, as a self-employed person, you're probably in the top 50% in terms of income. I know plenty of generalist developers who are in that range.

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Rock on,

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