The broom and the vacuum cleaner

Philip Morgan

Sometimes a broom creates more value than a vacuum cleaner.The broom is almost certainly cheaper than the vacuum cleaner. It's a dramatically simpler machine. It's even cheaper to operate cause there's no electricity cost.Yet, in some situations, it creates far more value than even the world's best vacuum cleaner would. Tight quarters are one example where a broom creates more value than a vacuum cleaner. Quick, simple cleanup jobs are another.Have you ever seen a client decide they want to deploy a vacuum cleaner when all they really needed was a broom?How much value would be created by them recognizing that mistake and choosing the broom instead?Registration is open for the Decision Making workshop in Specialization School.If you'd like a structured process for deciding where your best specialization options lie plus regular check-ins with me as you move through the process, check it out here: /specialization-school/part-1-decision-making-workshop-P