The Building and Investing Journal, Issue #2

Philip Morgan

Preview: "I’m just generally saying “yes” to conversations these days."

From Brad Farris: "We've created 2 new online courses to help you to develop more leads from online sources based in part on some learnings from a cohort that Philip and Tom Miller did last year.

Start with our Sales Growth Assessment to learn what you need to do next to create a more consistent sales process. The results page will help you decide if one of these courses is right for you:"

Whelp, here's evidence of how far behind the ball I sometimes get. Sorry for the late share, Jim!

From Jim McDannald: "Inspired by Jonathan Stark's Tough Love Teardown & Philip's live TEI Talks, I'm performing live podiatry clinic website reviews/audits on February 15th at Noon. I've never hosted a live video event before, so I'm looking forward to the challenge/opportunity:"

Recently, I asked y'all to share your stories of investing -- expending time or money with the hope of payback/ROI, but without the guarantee of payback. Here's a list member story from Patrick Foley. The rest of this email is that story, italicization and indentation avoided for the sake of readability:

I’m very early in my business (“Simple Integrations”) – and I’m investing in the simplest activity that most new businesses invest in, I suspect: I’m taking a lot of phone calls. People are interested in what I’m doing, so I’m talking to see if there’s a way we can work together. I’m just generally saying “yes” to conversations these days. When I’m two years into my business, I might not have time to say yes to everyone, but for now, it’s an easy and fruitful investment.