“The daily”

Philip Morgan

“Is there something you do every day that builds an asset for you?”

That’s Seth Godin in a recent, short, very worthwhile blog post: https://seths.blog/2018/09/the-daily/

I email my list every (week)day. Even if the emails themselves are more ephemera than asset, I’d like to believe the thinking they force (in me and hopefully in you), the conversations they spur, and the point of view they cultivate are worth it.

I’d like to think they change both of us for the better.

I haven’t found writing privately to work the same way. There’s a je nes sais quoi about publishing, about working in public.

Have you come across or read A Pattern Language? It’s a famous book on how spaces and buildings can be designed to meet human needs. A quick snip from Wikipedia describes more:

The book creates a new language, what the authors call a pattern language derived from timeless entities called patterns. As they write on page xxxv of the introduction, “All 253 patterns together form a language.” Patterns describe a problem and then offer a solution. In doing so the authors intend to give ordinary people, not only professionals, a way to work with their neighbors to improve a town or neighborhood, design a house for themselves or work with colleagues to design an office, workshop or public building such as a school.

I’d like to build something like this for marketing for professional services. A sort of pattern library of marketing patterns that I see working well.

Here’s a sketch of the first one:

If you’re focused on a platform (meaning a language, framework, or actual platform like AWS, Salesforce, etc.) and there is an information deficit around that platform (ex: documentation sucks, platform is early days but very popular), then a weekly email tips list or curated roundup of links can work really well.


  • https://weekly.monitoring.love/
  • https://lastweekinaws.com/
  • http://elementalselenium.com/
  • https://daveceddia.com/how-to-learn-react/

More Detail

Naturally, I’ve interviewed many of the people behind the examples above. Subscribe to my podcast using iTunes (https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/consulting-pipeline-podcast/id996285505?mt=2&ls=1) or using Pocket Casts (https://pca.st/podcast/88dfa680-e148-0132-0b88-059c869cc4eb) or using Overcast (https://overcast.fm/itunes996285505) and check out the interviews with Mike Julian (episode 121), Corey Quinn (ep 119), and Dave Ceddia (ep 079). These interviews really break down what each of these folks are doing to be successful.

Anyway, that’s my “wireframe” for what an entry in this pattern library would look like. Each one would be a proven approach to marketing, defined or tagged based on what type of market position or other business characteristics it’s best suited for.

What asset could you work a little towards building each day?