The date of your own death

Philip Morgan

My wife and I watched a hilarious French surrealist comedy called The Brand New Testament last night.In this film, God is an angry drunk who lives in present-day Brussels and writes universal laws that contribute new, petty annoyances to human life, like: if toast with jam on it is dropped, it always lands jam side down. He treats his family terribly, and in retribution his daughter reveals every human's pre-determined death date to them via text message.The knowledge of exactly how much time each person has left to live is initially upsetting and terrifying to most, but quickly leads each to re-evaluate their life priorities and live with more clarity and boldness.Would you do anything differently if you knew how much longer you have to live?Operating as a generalist can be a good idea if you're new to working for yourself. It can help you build up a foundation of diverse experience rather quickly, which is a good thing.But eventually, lacking a focus and being unable or unwilling to say no to less valuable clients and activities becomes a weakness in your business rather than a strength.My Positioning Accelerator Program is one way I can help you develop a strong market position. I help two small groups of up to 5 people implement the advice from my book in their business via weekly office hours calls and a Slack group. It's a flexible, cost-effective way to navigate the hurdles of choosing, validating, and dominating a strong market position: to you soon,-P