The diagnostic chicken and egg problem

Philip Morgan

Q: How do you get invited to be part of the diagnostic or architecture phase of a software project instead of being brought in only for the development phase?A: Be thought of as a diagnostician or architect rather than just a coder.Alright, alright. I know I'm being a total smartass in the way I answered that question. I know it's not actually that easy, but it is that simple.The following are ways you could get started making the transition from full-time coder --> advisor who codes when needed, expressed as new years resolutions for 2018:

  • If you work for agencies or intermediaries: "This year I resolve to land my first direct client with no intermediary. I don't care how, but I will make it happen."
  • If you depend mostly on referrals, repeat business, or luck to find you clients: "This year I resolve to find my first client through my own marketing efforts without relying on referrals or luck."
  • If you are a generalist: "This year I resolve to interview 10 decision makers in a market vertical that interests me to discover if specializing in that vertical would make sense for my business."
  • If you have no idea what it's like to advise your clients on important decisions and have no idea if you'd even like it: "This year I resolve to interview 5 advisors or consultants who could tell me what it's like to be an advisor."

Big changes in your business can start with small steps. What's holding you back?-P

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