The "man boobs" email

Philip Morgan

In tomorrow's livestreamed TEI Talk, I'll explain my famous "man boobs" email, and how it relates to subscriber/reader value. That talk happens at 10am Mountain time tomorrow (Friday). More details and calendar link: This is a somewhat meditative moment from my practice run-through of that talk: I'm archiving these talks here: /the-expertise-incubator/tei-curriculum/

I don't often ask my clients for testimonials. The percentage that benefit from working with me tend to spread the word without me asking them. (Thanks, y'all!) With things that are new in the market, like my online workshops, I do ask for testimonials to help bootstrap the new offering's marketplace acceptance. Here's Guillaume talking about his experience with the Point of View Workshop: Source: Remember, I designate 20% of the seats in each workshop as scholarship seats. If the pandemic or something else has kicked your business's ass, I'd love to see you grab a reduced or no-cost scholarship seat to get some help getting things back in order. And if you can afford the full price, then don't be afraid to put some skin in the game. It's pseudo-scientifically proven to help you get better results! Specialization workshop details: Point of View workshop details: -P