The "Oregon Coast Roof"

Philip Morgan

When my wife and I built a house at the Oregon coast, we learned what an "Oregon Coast Roof" is.

We hired an excavation company to prepare the land for the factory-built home we bought. The guy who ran the excavator was named BJ.

BJ had lived his whole life at the Oregon coast, so he was a valuable source of information about the area.

With the help of some friends, I built an 8x8' shed to house the pumping and filtering equipment for the well. Before I could finish the roof, we got some (not at all unusual) summer rain. I bought one of those blue plastic tarps from the hardware store and threw it over the roof of the pump house.

The next time BJ came by to do some work he pointed at the blue tarp, laughed, and said "so you went with the Oregon Coast Roof, huh?!".

After he said that, I started noticing how many buildings in the area had some part of the roof covered with a blue tarp to buy a little more time before the inevitable repair was needed.

Summer turned to winter and before I knew it next summer had arrive and our pump house was still sporting an Oregon Coast Roof.

What's your business's "Oregon Coast Roof"?

What have you quickly improvised in the heat of the moment but need to make a better version of?

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