The "Uber Skill"

Philip Morgan

When it comes to finding ideal clients, there are several extremely useful skills.

This is not a complete list, but for starters:

  • Be able to deliver a persuasive, interesting talk on your subject of expertise
  • Be able to build a list of the right people to talk to at potential ideal clients
  • Be able to inform, entertain, and persuade people through the written word
  • Be able to do good market research
  • Being proactive in generating referrals

Of those skills, one shows up in a surprising number of different contexts: Be able to build a list of the right people to talk to at potential ideal clients.

That's why I have come to regard that skill as the "Uber Skill". It provides value to you in so many different situations. Whether it's market research, validating a potential market position, or actually starting to directly market your services to specific clients through outbound marketing, the skill of building a high quality list is paramount.

You can try to outsource this work, but that can often (but not always) be an expensive lesson in how little list-building companies care about quality lists.

So why not attend this month's Dev Shop Marketing Briefing and learn how to do it yourself?

Kai Davis--the most experienced and skilled outreach consultant I know--will speak about building better outreach lists:

  • Why better (more qualified) lists improve your outreach success
  • Different strategies for building the list
  • Several approaches for finding critical information (ID companies, ID decision makers, find email addresses)
  • How to qualify / clean your list for maximum quality

As usual, I've asked Kai to keep his presentation to a short and information-packed 30 minutes to allow plenty of time for up to 60 minutes of questions.

Kai charges $400 for a 1-hour call. How about getting that level of expert insight into your list-building questions for no money at all?

You can do that at 9am Pacific time on November 30th.

You can reserve your seat for this free event here:

As usual, I'll be recording the event and publishing it online, so if you're just going to slouch down in your seat, pick boogers, and pass notes in class you don't need to attend the live event. You can just watch the recording later with the rest of the slackers.

But if you want to ask Kai questions about improving your list-building skills, I hope to see you there. It'll be a great way to level up those skills.

Reserve your seat here:

Talk to you soon,

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