The unvarnished truth about information products

Philip Morgan

A guy emailed me out of the blue yesterday asking about which one of my positioning information products was right for him.I asked about his previous self-employment experience (always the first question I ask in these situations) and he told me he's done a lot of contracting and now works a cushy full-time job making well into six figures. I gave him my recommendation for the two products of mine that would be ideal for him, and he had two followup questions, which you'll see below in my response.I'm sharing this with you because I think it's relevant to anyone who wants to buy a pricey book, course, or coaching/mentoring program:---_> Are you qualified to help me?_I wouldn’t offer a 100% no-questions-asked “Insta-Refund” money back guarantee if I didn’t. :)That said, I’ve heard 90% of small business fail in the first 3 years. I can help you improve those odds, but it sounds like your current FTE situation might be a safer bet for you. In the world of professional services, premium levels of profit are derived from risk, and I can't completely de-risk self-employment for you. Nobody can, despite what their marketing might say.A well-paying, stable, enjoyable FTE position is becoming more and more rare these days, so I’d suggest thinking twice (two hundred times, really) before pursuing a dramatically different path.> **What's the payoff for starting to work for myself as a specialist and following the process you recommend?**Based on what I’ve seen, the following is what the payoff looks like for different people:80% of customers equate merely buying an educational product with taking action, and stop there. You can easily guess what kind of results that yields: less free disk space on computer, zero additional real-world success.20% get some kind of positive result, and maybe the top 5% get exceptional results like what you’re looking for. (This is universal within the educational products world. Perry Marshall has been doing this for longer than I have and at a larger scale. He says essentially the same thing: the top 5%, it looks kind of like 2 or 3 years of _consistently_ working your ass off to get beyond $100k in revenue, occasionally thinking you are an idiot for giving up the job, then 20 or 30 years of feeling sorry for your FTE friends who are stuck earning low 6-figures while you are earning beyond $300k working part time. The top 1% are the 7-figure and beyond success stories everyone loves to focus on. They work even harder and get to 7 figures with the help of luck, executing like a Marine, and thick skin.Since you reached out to me to ask which product would be best for you to buy and wanted (and now have) my recommendation, I'll leave it to you to decide which product to buy.- The Positioning Course: /positioning-course/- The Positioning Office Hours: /positioning-office-hours/Each of these will tell you what to do, but it's entirely up to you to go out and do it.Best,PhilipP.S - I don’t want this post to come across as unfriendly, but you asked for the straight scoop, and this is as straight and unvarnished as I can give it to you.---I'll admit, I was feeling a little saucy when I wrote that, but it is in my experience the unvarnished truth about *any* information product, including mine:The only how-to manual on positioning (specializing in a way that increases your rates) for self-employed software developers: http://thepositioningmanual.comA course that provides more structure and support than The Positioning Manual: /positioning-course/ If you want some information on this course delivered to your inbox, click here: /thank-you/drip-trigger-link-positioning-online-course/A "mentoring program lite": /positioning-office-hours/A heavy duty mentoring program to help you specialize your services and improve your marketing: http://positioningacceleratorprogram.comStrategy services: /services/I think that about covers it.Talk to you soon,-P