The Wicked7

Philip Morgan

At the bottom of every email, I ask y'all to share your stories of building and investing. This one came in recently:

The Wicked7

It's a crowdsourcing project to tackle a set of urgent problems of the world, getting together business, academia and people.

It's for everyone.

Cool, risky and exciting because we are trying to take a different, hopefully faster, approach on how we can survive as society. And very focused on actions - not the woo-woo stuff. Led by Philip Kotler and Christian Sarkar.

  • What are the unmet needs of society?
  • What is multi-stakeholder JTBD?
  • How do we map out the causes and effects of wicked problems?
  • How can we depoliticize decision-making?
  • What is The Wicked7 Project?

Answers to these questions in this webinar recording: