Three things I like about internet marketers

Philip Morgan

If you've been on my list a while, you know that I really like to stick it to internet marketers.I like to call out random internet marketers on every lowlife, sleazeball, crappy tactic that crosses the transom of my inbox.It's fun, and it's good to have real life examples of taking things too far. And the world of internet marketing is full of that kind of stuff.But also... I find modern internet marketers a very valuable source of information about how you can market more effectively.That's because of the first thing I like about internet marketers...1) They push boundariesAs a group, internet marketers aren't afraid to try new things, exploit new market channels, and push much harder than I'd be comfortable doing myself.That gives me a model I can adapt or tone down.The Internet is a very direct response-friendly medium, and so useful marketing approaches can be found anywhere that direct response marketing is used, whether it be a pushy guy selling coaching services at massive scale or an old skool direct mail copywriter.2) They do things on the cheapAs a group, internet marketers are sooooo cheeeeap. They scrutinize any piece of software that costs more than $2/mo, prefer to do things themselves, and they prefer proven technology that often seems outdated by modern standards.And you know what? I think that's healthy.It encourages a critical approach to whatever new SaaS flavor of the month is making the rounds. That new SaaS FotM is sometimes very valuable, but often it's a way to avoid doing the difficult, unpleasant work you know you need to be doing. Shiny Object Syndrome, I believe it's called.3) They're lazyWhile some internet marketers are really just trying to sell you a more complicated way to be less successful at marketing your services, a fair number of them really are that fantastic combination of intelligent and lazy. And that's a great type of person to learn a thing or two from!Because they're actively seeking out those 80-20 solutions, and sometimes they actually find them.I've incorporated a fair number of 80-20 marketing techniques into: Check it out.