Tough love on outputs vs. inputs

Philip Morgan

I am always harping on how you need to be able to market your services based on the results you create for your clients rather than the inputs you use to create those results.If that feels like I'm asking you to learn a foreign language, then this might be helpful.I was prepping for a workshop I'm running on market research, and I came across a graphic you may find useful:I know that's some super tiny text that you probably can't easily read.If you go to scroll down to the "4. TOP BUSINESS PRIORITIES FOR IT PROJECTS" graphic, you'll see it in its full glory.And glorious it is. Right there in full color are the secret, foreign language words that the "suits" you are selling your services to use when making a business case for paying your ass to write code (or better yet, advise them on how to have code written).Words like:"Containing costs""Optimizing existing investments""Improving collaboration with business"I'm not saying you need to talk like an MBA in order to more effectively market your services. But... take some time to learn their language. Take some time to find a way to credibly link your activities (inputs) to those MBA-speak outcomes.Tough love: if you can not credibly link your activities to one of those MBA-speak outcomes, do some soul searching this weekend about how long those activities can continue to put food on your table. Hopefully they're not threatened by commoditization or other forces that drive down prices. But... they might be.Need help with this MBA-speak stuff? I can help: /servicesTalk soon,-P