Philip Morgan

My wife and I like science fiction and British dramas.One of the shows we've been enjoying recently is called Grantchester. It's about a cop and an Anglican vicar who solve murders together.The show has become stagnant in its third season. Every time the vicar and his love interest come close to doing something about their romantic feelings for each other, something will get in the way (AGAIN) and prevent it from happening. The first and second time this happened were OK, but it's become an eye-rollingly predictable aspect of the show by now.It's become clear the writers do not trust themselves to move the larger story of the show beyond its starting point. The writers obviously don't trust themselves to move the show forward into new territory. They're playing it safe.If you're intelligent enough to write code, you have something to offer as coder who consults, or a consultant who codes, or just a consultant.You just need to trust yourself to move into that next "season" of your career.I'm rooting for you, and might be helpful as you make that move.-P