Unmarked building

Philip Morgan

Real estate is about 3 things they say: location, location, and location.

It's true.

The first house I owned in Portland, OR was down the street from a crematory.

Now you might be wondering, how did I know it was a crematory? Well, it wasn't because there was a big, bold, clear sign on the building that said something like "Angus Scrimm's Crematory - Burn Baby Burn". Nope.

The clues were all contextual.

Like the fact that the only kind of car that I ever saw parked by the building were various hearses. Like the fact that the building itself had a tall smokestack that emitted a thin gray smoke at odd intervals (usually while there was a hearse parked out front).

The crematory, despite being a grim reminder of our shared mortality, were pretty good neighbors. No loud parties, for example. But it's obvious why they didn't have a sign in front of the building indicating what the business inside did. It would have been unwelcome in a residential neighborhood. Or almost any neightborhood for that matter.

Now you, on the other hand, have the opportunity to be crystal clear about who your business is meant to serve and what benefits your services create, or what problems they solve.

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