Vision vs. misssion

Philip Morgan

The idea of mission has come up several times recently on this list.List member Danny offered this very useful clarification:---I work in branding, and something I've been working on is trying to help people define - or rather declare - what their vision of what they do is... The second part to that is working out their mission (ie, your mission is the work you're doing to solve an existing problem, and your vision is how things look when your work is done... I try to get people thinking of the vision - the end result - first, and work back from there. So in your case for example, a vision might be that every technical firm is finally positioned perfectly to serve their ideal customers. Your mission is all the work you're doing right now).---Extremely well said.What's your vision?Not your vision for your business (revenue, growth, lifestyle, etc.). Your vision for your business is important, but I'm more interested in your vision for the change you'd like to create for your clients.If you'd be so kind, email me and let me know.-P