Philip Morgan

That's one heck of a vision you've got there, Simon! Democratising business strategy. Freeing us from the need for management consultants. Even if I was a management consultant, I'd love it. I do love it. I love the way it describes a simple, clear end state: a world where companies are freed from the need for management consultants. As visions go, it's also flexible enough to serve as a recruitment tool. It's not quite a slogan the way "Be All You Can Be" was a recruiting slogan for 21 years for the US Army. But it has the same flexibility, the same ability for you to see yourself participating in and owning the vision yourself. Simon Wardley's vision invites you to join in and make it your vision: a world where you have freed yourself from the yoke of management consultants. The power of Simon's vision scales with the number of people who share that vision. That's why the simplicity and flexibility matter. Apple's "1984" commercial comes to mind when I think of other simple, flexible visions that let lots of people participate in and own the vision.

I often wonder what came first, the eponymous tool (Wardley Mapping), or the vision his tool supports. Either way can work. Tools can come out of the vision, or you can build a vision around a powerful tool. -P I'm working on the workshop and TEI calendar for Fall/Winter 2020. I've recently simplified the workshop lineup, you might want to check it out: