Walk into a bar together

Philip Morgan

A manifesto, Christopher Alexander's "A Pattern Language", a point of view on strategy and narrative, and a consultant walk into a bar together.

OK, this is where I admit to not being smart enough or a good enough writer to finish the joke I've set up. That's OK, because this isn't about me. This is about building and taking risks.

TEI member Guillaume Wiatr is trying something new. The content of what he's doing might not be 100% relevant to you, but if you take seriously my oft-repeated admonition to always be building and taking risks, then the context of what he's doing is very relevant to you.

How would you bring these threads together?

  1. You have a partially-finished manifesto on an emerging idea — the role of narrative in company strategy.
  2. In addition to the manifesto, you have been writing daily about this topic for months now.
  3. You want to get better at packaging the ideas generated by #1 and #2 above into impactful talks.
  4. You want feedback on the manifesto. You want to make it better.

Well, if you're a creative risk-taking indie consultant, you might do what Guillaume is doing: set up a series of weekly 1-hour talks over Zoom Meetings (not their webinar product which demotes attendees to text-only participants) where you spend 15 minutes talking through an item in the manifesto and 45 minutes discussing it with the attendees who have shown up.

Guillaume, like me and many of you, has a small audience, so this is a "the more the merrier" situation, so if you want to show up for one or more of these "Strategic Narrative Underground Sessions" and observe what Guillaume is doing (even if the content isn't 100% relevant to you), all the details are here: https://www.metahelm.com/join-the-strategic-narrative-underground-sessions/

Keep building and taking risks, y'all,


PS: The "A Pattern Language" part of my intro to this email refers to how the "and therefore…" rhetorical element of each chapter/pattern has been surprisingly influential, both on Guillaume's manifesto and on other things like the patterns in https://www.cnpatterns.org.

PPS: It literally fills my heart with joy to share stories of indie consultants building and taking risks. Please contribute yours via the link below.