Walk of Life

Philip Morgan

According to Wikipedia, the song "Walk of Life" was almost omitted from Dire Straits' album "Brothers in Arms".

The album itself won a bunch of awards. Two Grammys and a British best album award.

The song most of you will remember from that album, "Money for Nothing", was one of the most played music videos on MTV following its release.

And according to Wikipedia, "'Walk of Life' was a number two hit for the band in the UK in early 1986 and a number seven hit in the United States later that year. The song was nearly left off the album, but was included after the band out-voted producer Neil Dorfsman."

Remember this when you're evaluating outside advice.

Most of us advice-givers mean well, but you understand all of the context in which you make decisions. You have to live with the consequences of those decisions.

Do seek good advice.

But also... contextualize that advice using your greater knowledge of the specifics of your business.

Have a great weekend,