Want to try a business simulation together?

Philip Morgan

Most remote digital interactions suck along some axis or another, and it’s not because of the bandwidth or software. It’s because we haven’t figured out how to build a good experience within the terrain of the remote landscape. This is why recently I’ve been attending remote events where the content doesn’t interest me; it’s because the context of what others are trying in the remote-interactions-space is interesting to me. A TEI participant has offered to facilitate an online business simulation for us. I’m interested in this because it’s an opportunity for me to learn about a remote interaction style I haven’t experienced before. Additionally, the simulation – The Phoenix Project, a DevOps business simulation by GamingWorks – is a piece of digital IP they sell you for $1,000 per iteration and deliver by giving you access to a Miro board. That packaging and delivery model for IP is also fascinating to me, and I want to learn more about that. Maybe some of this is interesting to you too? That’s why I’m writing about this. Our facilitator Luca and I are trying to recruit a few more people to do this simulation together. You don’t need to know anything about DevOps, and if you, like me, are interested in getting firsthand experience with a business simulation delivered remotely, then this is a good opportunity to have that experience even if the topic of DevOps is uninteresting to you. We need a minimum of 4 to make the simulation work properly, so the cost will be $1k/5=$250 per participant. Luca will figure out the scheduling for this half-day event, and he will handle payment (neither he nor I make any profit money on this; I’m recruiting for it because I want the experience and we need a group of 4 to make the simulation happen at all). You can read more about the simulation itself here: https://www.gamingworks.nl/business-simulations/the-phoenix-project/ If you might be interested in participating in this simulation (time and date TBD based on what the group can do), please hit REPLY and let me know. If I get enough interest, I’ll pass your name and email along to Luca and he’ll do the scheduling and collect payment, and of course actually facilitate the simulation. Keep building; keep taking risks y’all, -P