“What I found staggered me”

Philip Morgan

There are at least 3 really interesting things about this article from Tim Grahl: https://booklaunch.com/social-media-marketing-authors/.

First is the actual topic of the article. It does a great job of answering the question of how effective social media is at helping authors sell books.

Second, it’s a great reflection on the larger question of how best to connect and build trust with your market.

And third, this article gives you a glimpse into how people like us can design and execute a research project that has value to those we seek to serve. As you read Tim Grahl’s article, use a bit of imagination and think about how you could undertake a research project similar to what he’s done, but oriented around what would be beneficial to your clients.

There are a few simple questions you could ask yourself to generate research project ideas:

* What’s the biggest risk to your clients (that you could do something about at your current level or 1 or 2 levels of involvement higher)?* If you don’t have a guess or know what this is, then there’s your research project!* What increases ROI for what you do?* What decisions do your clients make under high stakes + low data conditions?

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