What Jerry Springer can teach you about positioning

Philip Morgan

So I'm watching this video a Facebook friend linked to. The video had the word "Jerry" in the name, and after the video was over Youtube queued up a related video.ImageThe video was titled: Mariah Comes Clean To Her Boyfriend (The Jerry Springer Show). I respect you too much to link you to it.I dunno, maybe I was tired. Maybe my defenses were down because I'd had to admit to my mastermind buddy Eric that shipping the next version of The Positioning Manual was delayed yet again. (Should be out in a week or two, BTW.)Somehow I found myself watching a few minutes of The Jerry Springer Show. And then I found myself reading the Wikipedia article on Jerry Springer.Did you know that Springer was an attorney, US Army reservist, 56th Mayor of Cincinnati, and US Congressional candidate who attempted to lower the voting age, hired a prostitute and paid using a check that bounced, was caught hiring the prostitute with the bounced check, came clean about it, and then later used his prostitute-hiring-confession as proof of his honesty during a failed run for governor of Ohio? Then he got into daytime television. (With a background like that, how could you not get into daytime television?)Sometimes it takes a while to find that market position where your business is firing on all cylinders. Maybe it takes a little bit of Jerry Springer-style experimentation.Jerry Springer seems to have found a positioning sweet spot for his media empire. I can help you find your ideal market position too, with less experimentation: http://thepositioningmanual.com