What you are up to — notes from readers

Philip Morgan
  • Paul Swail (https://serverlessfirst.com/) is offering a workshop on testing in a serverless environment, starting November 2 (early bird pricing is still available): https://serverlessfirst.com/workshops/testing Paul’s mixed methods research into the serverless space identified the lack of testing knowledge and best practice as one of the main pain points, so he put together this workshop to help advance the state of the art there. More details: https://serverlessfirst.com/workshops/testing
  • Anthony English is monetizing his YouTube channel, based solely on data. $19.90 per day after 2 weeks. It’s risky because it’s a horizontal specialization tied to a technology: how to use Zoom. (And it’s chasing two rabbits - coaching being the other one.) It’s fun because the analytics offer both immediate and long-term measurable results. More info: https://www.youtube.com/c/AnthonyEnglish_com_au

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