What's your "single"?

Philip Morgan

A couple of days ago I wrote:_Is it easy to forgo mentioning other compelling attributes of your product or service in order to focus on just one? You bet it isn't. :) It's brutally hard._This is somewhat like being a musician who has recorded an amazing album with 12 great songs on it and then having to choose one as the album's single.That choice is not easy! But if you don't make that choice, your marketing efforts don't have a sharp "spear tip" to garner attention, word of mouth, and excitement.Imagine applying 5 lbs of pressure over the area covered by an 8x10" sheet of paper. Now imagine the same amount of pressure applied to a sewing needle.That's the difference that "choosing a single" makes. :)I wrote a book that can help you choose a hit single: http://thepositioningmanual.comTalk to you soon,-P