Why do bad thoughts happen to good people?

Philip Morgan

If you ever catch yourself saying (probably to yourself) a sentence that starts with “I have no business…” I want you to question that thought.

Do you really have no business trying to find better clients?

Do you really have no business leading a client engagement?

Do you really have no business advising on how things are done rather than taking directions and making them happen?

Some of you won't find this destructive self-talk familiar; others will.

There are lots of forms of destructive self-talk, but in my experience thoughts that begin with the words "I have no business..." are very often destructive ones with no basis in reality. They are thoughts that seek to keep you safe rather that lead you to new levels of accomplishment.

Why do bad thoughts happen to good people?

I think it has something to do with:

  • High intelligence: you understand the world is not a simple place that runs on simple obvious rules
  • Self-awareness: you understand that you’re not perfect, and constantly interrogate yourself to prevent mistaken decisions or flawed assumptions
  • A smattering of family history, negative childhood experiences, etc. It’s tough to grow beyond some of this stuff.

Anyway, really question that “I have no business _______” thought whenever it appears.

I bet it’s one that accompanies the early stages of something great for you.