Philip Morgan

Wow, lots of you thought yesterday's post was very good.I threw out an idea about reframing "this is the price" as "this is the budget you, dear client, need to allocate to do this right". A lot of you thought that was a useful way to take your own sense of value/worth out of the picture and focus the pricing discussion on what your client needs to budget to do things right.That's great, and I'm happy it was useful!You will not hear a lot more from me on the subject of pricing. That would be, for me, a shiny object to chase with very little contribution to the area I'm focused on in my business, which is helping self-employed software developers specialize in a way that unlocks access to higher rates and better clients. Other people have far more expertise on this stuff than I do anyway.It's not easy to say no to what seems like an opportunity. What about you?Is there a shiny object you need to quit chasing? Is there an "addition by subtraction" opportunity you're missing?-P