Workshop accessibility

Philip Morgan

I’ve experimented a lot with my business. This has always been worth it, but sometimes it’s cost me. I understand very well how the right development opportunity can transform things, and that’s why I do what I can to make the Indie Experts workshops as broadly accessible as I can. I haven't clearly defined my policies around how I use price to make my workshops more accessible. I spent some time doing that clarification work this morning, and wanted to publish those policies here. Note: The next Indie Experts Workshop is on point of view, and starts March 11:

Workshop Accessibility

I want my workshops to be accessible to anyone who thinks their business might benefit from the workshop. I offer three programs to help make this desire a reality:

  • Early-bird discounts are 30% and 20% discounts you receive merely for being decisive.
  • Purchasing power parity (PPP) pricing adjusts the $1,200 USD workshop price to a price that matches your local economy’s purchasing power.
  • Scholarship seats are reduced-price based on your individual ability to pay.

Early-Bird Discounts

This is simple and pretty standard in the online event world: if you’re decisive in your decision making, you can easily get 20% to 30% off the workshop sticker price. This is the schedule for those discounts:

  • Buy at least 2 weeks before the workshop’s first meeting date: get 30% off
  • Buy at least 1 week before the workshop’s first meeting date: get 20% off

Currently I market my workshops primarily to my email list and I provide the early-bird discount codes there, but if you’re not on my email list and want an early-bird discount for an upcoming workshop, just email me and I’ll hook you up:

Purchase Power Parity (PPP)

If you can pay full price for the workshop in your local currency but not in USD, then please let me know and I’ll calculate a PPP adjustment discount for you. I’m currently figuring out how to do this, so it’s done manually. You just email me about wanting the PPP adjustment and tell me where you live and I’ll use something like the Big Mac Index to make the calculation and create a discount code for you to use when purchasing the workshop. I’m totally fine with you “stacking” the PPP and early-bird discounts for a workshop.

Scholarship Seats

I designate 20% of the seats in each workshop for scholarship pricing. So even if you live in a wealthy country, I’m delighted to reduce the price of your workshop seat if this will help your business. Scholarships are given on a no-questions-asked basis; I won’t ask you to prove financial need, show bank statements, or anything like that. I will reduce the price all the way down to zero for you; you just need to tell me how much you can afford to pay. The process for getting a scholarship seat is this: 1) You email me and tell me you need a scholarship seat. 2) I say “Great! It’s yours!” 3) You tell me what you can pay for it. If that is $0, that is fine, if more, also fine, just let me know the amount. 4) I send you a discount code to use when you register for the workshop. If you’d like a scholarship seat for an upcoming workshop, just email me: