Would-be specialists interested in mission-driven orgs

Philip Morgan

Apparently lightning does strike twice!

A few weeks ago I let y'all know about a project opportunity for a specialized developer. I don't know what ultimately came of that since I purposefully didn't make myself an intermediary (recruiting is not a business I want to expand into :) ), but I've got another one that might be relevant to some of you.Here's the quick-and-dirty version of what Scott's looking for. There's more detail further down:* 1% for the Planet is the org you'd be helping. They're a community of companies that have committed to donating 1% of all their sales to nonprofit environmental causes.* They have a modest amount of funding to redo their online business and nonprofit directories. This is basically a light-duty web app project, not a web design project.*  Seems like a good fit for someone who is looking to position themselves in that space (the audience of mission-driven orgs), and would like to have a high-profile client like 1%FTP.My friend Scott (you'll find his company West Arete in my Specialization Examples database) reached out to me about this, and he added the following:_"I attached the project summary that I drafted with Jon Cocina, the COO of 1% for the Planet. We tried to make sure that we provided adequate background on the audiences, goals, and dreams of the project. If you just want to know the MVP (minimum viable product), you can focus on the “minimum requirements” section. And if the requested budget just isn’t in the right ballpark, we’d welcome feedback there too.   "_Here's that project summary: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7coDQClAulIY05OejBJMF9sdk5hUWpubGZsUEZUYW1RVWc0/viewAs before, there are a few rules about responding to this:1. Do not contact me about this. I'm not the one screening candidates for this.2. Normally I'd say don't pursue this unless you have relevant, domain-specific expertise, however as you saw Scott indicate above, this is a potential "bootstrap your way into a specialization" opportunity, so if you're a generalist wanting to specialize in the audience of mission-driven organizations and you have relevant technical skill, this could be a nice opportunity for you.Want to check this project opportunity out? Please contact scott@westarete.com.-P