Y’all are awesome

Philip Morgan

I was getting a little bummed, feeling like my cool-stuff-y’all-are-doing list was getting too thin. My faith, however, is restored midweek. Ya’ll are building and taking risks: Luca Ingianni has built and is taking enrollments for an online workshop on IT team design: https://store.ingianni.eu/team-design-workshop-en To me, this might be the single sentence that best describes the workshop: “In this workshop, we’ll explore how to think about teams and their interactions, and how to create an organization that’s built for speed… and excellent work.” More details and registration at https://store.ingianni.eu/team-design-workshop-en

I love it when y’all are willing to take risks with entertaining your audience. Being funny in a business context feels riskier than it actually is. Jim Thornton made me laugh out loud in his email announcing a change in his business direction. Here’s what he said: “Starting CA.com was like wanting the generalist bandaid to just get old and dirty and fall off instead of just ripping it off.” Something about that image had me LOLing. Anyway, Jim’s got a new site that he’s put a ton of effort into, and if you’re an expert firm seeking more impact or reach for your thinking, Jim’s site and services are especially worth a look: https://inboundfound.com/

Jeff Gable and Luca Ingianni have started a podcast about their shared interest in applying agile methodologies to embedded software development. I know that half of you are like “why is that controversial enough to have a podcast about” and the other half of you are doing this…

...because to you agile is code for sloppy, and sloppy code is not what you want in safety-critical medical devices. Both halves will have to check out the podcast to learn more: https://agileembeddedpodcast.com/. :)

The usual understanding of organization or business purpose is broken. It leads to hollow, trite purpose statements. As soloists, if we let this broken understanding trickle down to our approach to individual and business purpose, our results will be just as bad. In this Indie Experts talk happening at 10am Mountain time on February 4, TEI member Guillaume Wiatr (https://www.metahelm.com/) will talk about a better approach to finding purpose. The talk is free and livestreamed and you can add it to your calendar here: https://indieexperts.io/event/ie-talks-guillaume-wiatr-on-finding-purpose/

After dealing with my out-of-control pandemic hair (I was going for Detective Miller, but ended up with middle-aged skate punk), I’m ready to resume the TEI Talks series and deliver the final 9 of 18 talks. I have one more on the topic of publishing before we turn to the second TEI challenge of small-scale research. The next TEI Talk on the topic of list growth happens on February 5 at 10am Mountain time. Details and calendar reminders: https://indieexperts.io/event/tei-talks-list-growth/

To share your news, projects, and events, fill out this mercifully brief form and I’ll share the relevant ones (anything creating value for the community of indie experts, personal growth for you, or risk-taking) back to this list: https://airtable.com/shrggV8bWtGa2JMxG Keep building; keep taking risks y’all, -P