You earn your smiles here

Philip Morgan

Americans give out smiles to strangers very freely.

You don’t realize it so much when you’re an American in America, but when you’re an American in Europe, several things become clear.

Europeans, by and large, reserve smiles for friends, family, or people who have earned them.

You earn a smile by being a customer, or by saying something funny or clever, or by doing something nice.

From what I’ve seen, that’s about it.

And when you think about it, why wouldn’t that be the heuristic behind whether you smile or not? Why wouldn’t you reserve a physical display of pleasure and friendliness for friends, families, or people who’ve earned that display?

Except in America, Americans generally smile at anybody and everybody for no particular reason at all. I think this is just fine, but I’m an American, so of course I’d think this is fine.

When you specialize in serving a particular market, you start to understand the “cultural peculiarities” of that market. The way things are done there. The stuff that insiders to that world know that outsiders don’t.

This gives you an advantage, and that’s one good reason to specialize.

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