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Philip Morgan

I'm running a workshop next month and it might be perfect for you. If it is, and you're a previous customer, you're entitled to a hefty discount.Here's the deal...1,955 people have a copy of The Positioning Manual for Technical Firms, The Positioning Course, or Specializing Without Failure. 51 people are or have been in my Positioning Accelerator Program. Other companies have hired me to produce training or conduct mentoring or expert presentations about the subject of positioning.It's hard to estimate exactly how many, but I've played some part in a lot of people's attempt to tackle this seemingly simple question of "how will I specialize my services so that I can cultivate a desirable market position for my business?"I've heard and answered a lot of questions.I've seen the common sticking points, the places where clear thinking gets obscured by emotion or mindset challenges, and I've identified the stuff that looks easy on paper but is monstrously difficult to actually execute.Perhaps most importantly, I have developed a framework--a way of managing the process--that has been delivering better results for my current Positioning Accelerator Program participants than anything I've used in the past.That's where this workshop comes in.In 4 weeks, I can help you implement this framework for your business.This isn't training, which is a "learn here, apply it for real afterwards" model. It's a workshop, which is a "learn here, apply it for real during the workshop" model.In the past, I've run workshops with 3-hour online meetings each week. In retrospect, that shit was crazy. I mean it was a neat idea, but nobody's got that kind of time.So for this workshop, I'll bake all the lectures into pre-recorded videos, delivered via an easy to use LMS (Doki), so you can get up to speed on the important concepts at your leisure.The actual work that you'll do is very simple. Filling out inventories. Ranking things. Simple online research. Very basic copywriting. That kind of thing.There will be four 1-hour meetings (schedule details below) held at one-week intervals using Zoom video call software. Not webinars, but peer-to-peer meetings where you can interrupt me with questions and discuss stuff with your peers.During those meetings we'll discuss the video lectures and the work and tackle and questions or roadblocks you're facing.There will also be a forum (yay for no Slack-style interruptions!) for discussion and Q&A between meetings.No matter where you're starting from, at the end of this workshop you'll have 2 good options for specializing in a way that maximizes your confidence and future earning ability.Over the next week I'm going to tell you more about the methodology behind this workshop and remind you about the "previous customer only" discount, but if this is exactly what you've been waiting for, then I'll summarize the offer here and give you next steps:There are 7 seats total.The regular price is $800 per seat but...There are 3 "previous customer only" seats priced at $500.Once those 3 seats are gone, the price goes up!Here's what you're getting when you buy:👉 A 4-week online workshop.👉 Meetings are held using at 9am to 10am Pacific time (convert that to your local time here) on Wednesdays (March 7, March 14, March 21, and March 28--all those meetings are in March, 2018).👉 These are not webinars. They are actual live meetings where you can ask any and all questions by just talking directly to me.👉 Access to a private Discourse forum for Q&A and discussion between meetings.👉 Videos to teach you the important concepts you need to know before each live workshop session👉1 Year of continued access to workshop materials (videos, tools, etc.) in case you want to revisit them later👉 A small group environment that should help introverts feel comfortable participatingBonus: You'll get the Complete Bundle of The Positioning Manual for Technical Firms for no extra cost.If you'd like to reserve your seat now, there's a simple application process:Schedule a 20-minute call with me to check for fit: (I've opened my calendar waaay up to make sure you can find a convenient time)During the call I'll ask a few questions to make sure you are likely to get a good ROI from this workshop and answer any questions you may have.If we both agree it's a good fit I'll send you a payment link.You can find a web page summary of this workshop here: /specialization-school/part-1-decision-making-workshop/Want help improving your positioning or marketing? I offer a small group program to help you do exactly that: http://positioningacceleratorprogram.comI work with people 1-on-1. If you're interested in learning more, follow this link: /11-retainer/Know a self-employed software developer who might benefit from specialization? Send 'em this free gift! Details here --> /referrals/