Your Positioning Eureka Moment

Philip Morgan

A member of this hallowed list wrote me a few days ago with an update on their progress of narrowing down their focus.

Somewhere in their email they said they were still waiting for their "Positioning Eureka Moment". That got me thinking...

Does everybody who narrows their business focus have a Positioning Eureka Moment? Some sudden flash of realization that... YES!!!... this is the market vertical you should focus on, or that is the problem domain you should specialize in?

This does happen. Some people--either on their own or with the help of my book--have this sudden realization of how all the pieces of their previous experience fit together into a clear and obvious way to specialize in the future.

For some, it's obvious that a certain segment of their previous client experience is the best one to focus on. It's the most profitable, the most enjoyable to work with, the easiest to find more of, or somehow the clear best choice.

But a lot more frequently, the choice is not so obvious. Maybe you have had 10 different types of clients in 10 different market verticals. Or you've had 10 clients in one or two market verticals (yay!) but you hate them all (doh!).

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