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Most lead generation advice is bad advice...

This 3-minute video explains a new approach to lead-gen for the high-trust, expensive sale

If you need to generate leads for expensive services, the table below is critical...

Most advice about generating leads is missing critical information about whether trust is also being builtThat’s why I profiled 46 B2B lead generation techniques based on their trust velocity, the effort required to implement them, and how suitable they are for a freelancer or dev shop just starting out with lead generation and needing fast results.

The results of this research are below in a convenient, sortable table of B2B consulting/freelancing lead generation techniques​:

Lead Generation Activity
Trust Potential
Speed to Maximum Trust
Trust Velocity (1-100)
Effort or Difficulty
Prep or Lead Time
Bootstrap Coefficient (Higher number = better leads faster)
Keynote talk at national or international conference101010010101.00Gold standard in trust, most difficult and time consuming to execute.
JV webinar with known, trusted name9981643.38
Solo webinar8972429.00
Host in-person educational event8972871.29
Referrals8864256.40Effort is low because all you have to do is ask, lead time is high because you don't control the timing.
Publishing original research976310100.63
Major mention in mainstream press7856642.33
Major media interview8756980.78
Secondary talk at big conference875610100.56
Invitation-only executive briefing875610100.56
Guesting on a podcast (combined with great CTA)7749328.17
Resource center/content hub7642751.20High inital effort, evergreen payback
Minor mention in mainstream press5840343.33
Single guest post on major publication6636651.20
Hosting a podcast7535741.25
Preferred partner status on root authority website7535850.88
Short conversation at an event with the right person4832615.33AKA networking
Single guest post on minor publication5630551.20
Become a vendor on something like CodersClan, do loss leader work, then upsell to a direct, higher price relationship7428731.33
Lead magnet on trusted 3rd party website5525531.67
15 or 30m free micro-consultation3824342.00
Regularly showing up in prospect's email inbox with relevant content7321323.50Lead nurture, not lead-gen. Worth including anyway.
Public teardowns4520422.50
"Lumpy Envelope" campaign4520541.00The book "Ultimate Sales Machine" describes how to do this. Trust potential comes from the personalization and persistence of this approach.
Job aid, calculator4416322.67
Email course4416660.44
Active social networking5315351.00
Few large but regular emails to your list3515660.42Lead nurture, not lead-gen. Worth including anyway.
Outbound cold call2714421.75Higher trust potential than email because it's a live voice interaction
Embedded Education (providing educational value in places like Quora, StackOverflow, LinkedIn, etc.)43121112.00
Lead magnet on your website3412322.00
Content upgrade3412322.00
Hosting an online business group (http://thebookedbook.com/)4312331.33Inconsistent results depending on many execution factors
Newsletter sponsorship4312521.20Ex: https://www.launchbit.com/
Educational video3412431.00
Many frequent, small but valuable emails to your list3412560.40Lead nurture, not lead-gen. Worth including anyway.
Subscription curated lead service (letsworkshop, letsmakeapps, etc.)339119.00The trust potential comes 100% from how good your response to the lead is. Not evergreen.
Subscription bespoke lead service339119.00The trust potential comes 100% from how good your response to the lead is. Not evergreen.
Retargeted ad339313.00
Blog article on your own site339550.36
Passive social networking (Twitter lead cards, etc.)236213.00
Listing in reputable directory like Clutch, G2Crowd, etc326511.20Effort is high because you don't just submit a listing, you also get reviews, etc.
Trade show presence326660.17
Highly targeted demographic ad224411.00Facebook ad, for example
Tests, quizzes, or surveys212211.00
Contact form on website111111.00
Search-intent ad111310.33Google PPC, for example
Outbound prospecting/sales email111420.13
Display advertising111520.10
Directory listing (clutch.co, etc)111210.50

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