Lead Generation Trust Velocity

Most lead generation advice is bad advice...

This 3-minute video explains a new approach to lead-gen for the high-trust, expensive sale

If you need to generate leads for expensive services, the table below is critical...

Most advice about generating leads is missing critical information about whether trust is also being builtThat’s why I profiled 46 B2B lead generation techniques based on their trust velocity, the effort required to implement them, and how suitable they are for a freelancer or dev shop just starting out with lead generation and needing fast results.

The results of this research are below in a convenient, sortable table of B2B consulting/freelancing lead generation techniques​:

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Key Assumptions:

  • The blog article, conference talk, etc. is relevant to the needs/interests of your lead. If it's not these numbers aren't really relevant.
  • Numbers are scaled in a relative fashion to match what a new or intermediate professional services business owner would experience them. Ex: doing a big keynote might be easy for a seasoned consultant, but very difficult for a newbie.
  • Numbers are not relevant to businesses with low customer LTV (SaaS, etc.). Lead gen techniques that have almost no ability to build trust--like spamming a purchased list--are excluded from this list.
  • You do a competent job of executing. Otherwise the trust numbers aren't accurate.