Fast-Track Onto Philip Morgan's Daily Email List

I've had some requests for a way you can immediately begin receiving the emails I send every weekday. This page helps you do that.

Start getting daily emails on specialization, positioning, and lead generation from me

Most of the list signup forms on my site use some automation to either send you an email course on positioning ( or walk you through a 2-week "onboarding" sequence so you get a feel for how I interact with my list before you join the main list and start getting my most current emails on specialization, positioning, and lead generation.

Because I email every weekday and use a combination of humor, inspiration, tough love, self-promotion, and education to help folks gain the clarity and courage needed to specialize, my list is not a good fit for everyone. That said, quite a few people love it a lot:

"I’m sure people have told you this before, but I would pay a subscription for your email insights. There really isn’t anything like it anywhere." -- Frank McClung,

"I feel bad not paying you for this email! This is amazingly valuable content that you sent me." -- Sasha Jolich, SDA Software Associates

Some people have an email list to help them sell their services. That's 100% fine, but some days I think that the reason I charge for my services is so that I can spend the time and effort I do on my free email list. It, along with my podcast ( is a labor of love. My business serves a dual purpose: it's how I support my family, and I hope that over the coming 20 to 40 years it's instrumental in helping self-employed software developers everywhere stop getting paid merely to code and start getting paid for their ability to create exceptional business impact for their clients. My podcast and email list are a large part of how I seek to create this improvement in the world of professional software development. I know that's a bold claim, and you're free to call BS if you find my email list doesn't live up to my goals for it.

I started emailing daily in mid-January 2016, and since that time (it's May 26, 2018 as I'm writing this), I've had about 2,700 email conversations with folks on my email list (an average of 3.22 per day). I can't guarantee an answer to any questions you might email me with, but I always try to offer something useful.

Because I've had enough demand for a fast-track onto the list, the opt-in form above lets you skip the email course or 2-week onboarding and dive straight into my daily email stream. You'll still have to double opt-in (helps me get closer to GDPR compliance), but aside from that this is the easiest way there is to join my email list.

I'm not an asshole, so of course you can unsubscribe or request data deletion anytime. There's an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every single marketing email I send.

Hope to see you inside,