Dev Shop Market Research Quickstart


You would like to undertake market research to discover more valuable problems to focus your services on or prepare for a change in market position but you have never successfully cold emailed hundreds of people or conducted 1-on-1 interviews in a structured, effective way.


A Market Research Quickstart will help you successfully prepare for and execute a market research project that delivers incredibly valuable data about a niche market that you can use to improve your positioning, messaging, service design, and business profitability.

You'll get:

  1. My full involvement in helping you identify ideal research prospects
  2. I'll manage a professional list-building firm's efforts to build a list of prospects
  3. I'll write and run an email outreach campaign to get interviews scheduled.
  4. I'll conduct the first round of interviews while you "ride along", then hand off to you so you can build your skill as an interviewer.
  5. I'll help you assess the results and provide input on your resulting decisionmaking.

Market research is one of the best business skills you can learn and master because of how it helps you make more effective, profitable decisions about positioning and service design.

The price is $4,500.

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"As a solo-consultant, it's very hard to know where you stand and pinpoint issues. Philip quickly helped me to define my problem and walked me through a simple process to solve my problem. In a few months, I was able to better position myself. I never looked back ever since with tremendous impact on my bottom line."

—Pierre Lechelle, Founder at Startup Friendly