Mutt Lange is my spirit animal

I believe I may have a few things in common with the multi-Grammy winning producer Mutt Lange.

And of course, we have a few differences too.

He, for example, has written songs and produced albums for AC/DC, Def Leppard, Foreigner, Michael Bolton, The Cars, Bryan Adams, Huey Lewis and the News, Billy Ocean, Maroon 5, Lady Gaga, Nickelback, and Muse.

I have not written any songs for those groups, nor have I produced any albums that have gone on to be the second-best selling album of all time.

Mutt Lange married country musician Shania Twain, apparently had an affair with her best friend Marie-Anne Thiebaud, and broke up Thiebaud’s marriage (along with his own) allowing Twain to marry Thiebaud’s former husband several years later.

I have not broken up anybody’s marriage.

However, I get the sense that Mutt Lange is an introvert. He now lives in semi-seclusion somewhere in Switzerland and hasn’t given an interview in decades. And he’s a strict vegetarian.

And that’s where we start to look a lot more alike.

I don’t think I have any Billboard-charting albums up my sleeve, but I do know exactly what it’s like to be an introvert (and I’m a vegetarian too).

And in fact I’ll just shoot straight with you here:

I believe that when it comes to marketing, introverts have several compelling advantages that allow them to market with world-class power and depth, accomplishing things that extraverts would have to struggle to match.

No, I’m not saying introvert >> extravert. I’m just saying if you’re an introvert, you probably have some advantages you might not be hip to.

Thusly… if you’ve ever felt like being an introvert is somehow a disadvantage when it comes to marketing your services, I think you’re going to want to check out a free webinar I’m doing together with Janelle Allen, an expert in online courses. It’s this Wednesday at 7:30am Pacific time, and here’s the agenda:

  • Why marketing probably feels to you like stealing candy from a baby
  • How introverts can adopt a more comfortable and productive marketing mindset
  • The 3 must-haves and 1 nice-to-have for your marketing needs
  • Actionable, non-sleazy marketing strategies that get results
  • 5 introvert-friendly ways to market your online course and other digital products

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