I help my clients create the following 7 vital business development assets:

1. A Strong Market Position

Your website reflects a clearly positioned, well differentiated value proposition.


My contribution here may include consultation, coaching, and copywriting but not web design or coding.

2. Services Ladder

You have a clearly-defined ladder of services to accelerate new client acquisition by removing barriers like the "$30k project or nothin'" barrier.

3. Online Lead Generation Infrastructure

You have the lead generation infrastructure in place to capture leads on your site.

4. Traffic Generation System

You develop some way of earning your own traffic so they are not 100% reliant on Google or paid traffic, and that way of earning traffic ties organically back into your lead generation infrastructure.

For earning traffic, I lean towards "borrowing" others' audiences and trying to teach them something valuable and having a "learn more about this stuff" CTA that points back to an email list opt-in via an email course. For example, if I guest on a podcast--which I routinely do--my call to action is almost always to visit, and a certain percentage of those prospects become clients for my services or customers of my book.

How you earn traffic depends largely on your personality and what's realistic for you/your staff to execute on consistently. I recommend podcast guesting, podcast hosting, talks, workshops, webinars, and other teaching-based approaches because they build trust rapidly and tend to perform predictably well at generating high quality leads, whereas things like guest posts are more subject to a power law distribution where even a "home run" (like a guest post on 99U or TNW or something that makes the home page of HN) generates a surprisingly small quantity of quality leads.

5. Marketing Automation Infrastructure

You have the marketing automation infrastructure in place to nurture leads for 6 to 12 months, build trust, and algorithmically identify good leads and target them with a relevant sales message.

6. Content Marketing Infrastructure

You have an effective content marketing asset in the form of an education center or other high-value, cohesive content marketing asset (read more about this here). This both demonstrates credibility and attracts organic search traffic and inbound links.

If you are already legitimately a leader in your market segment, I can help you develop flagship content marketing assets to demonstrate that leadership.

7. Sales Collateral

You have the content-based sales assets (case studies, white papers) necessary to close a high percentage of your sales opportunities.

I don't usually recommend that clients work on all 7 of these at once.

Some clients want to start with #3 and take a break before moving forward, for example, and that could be fine for their situation. Some clients only need help with one or two of the items above.

In general, I recommend moving from #1 through to #7 in that order and trying to get #1 through #4 accomplished within about 6 months so you don't lose momentum or suffer too much lost opportunity due to holes in your sales funnel.

Cheaper Options

I am not the cheapest way to accomplish those 7 things above. Here are 6 ways that might be cheaper than hiring me:

  1. Hire a writer directly to help you finish your website. I can recommend three excellent writers, and one of them will be perfect for you:
    1. Zach Elwood:
    2. Sarah Greesonbach
    3. Cherilyn DeVries:
  2. Get some kind of content marketing program going now. With the exception of a few outliers, you can expect even a well-executed content marketing program to take 6 months to begin delivering results, so the sooner you start, the better. Worst case outcome: zero ROI. Best case outcome: you get some great leads and and profitable new business from your content marketing. I recommend, or one of the writers listed in #1 above.
  3. Get help designing and executing an outbound campaign to market directly to your ideal clients. Recommended provider: (IIRC Jake is open to working on a 1-time setup fee + commission basis, which is attractive from the cash outlay perspective)
  4. Spin up a referral campaign. and
  5. Find something to give talks about. Ideally some subject that overlaps with your firm’s core technical competencies and higher profit margin work. Start a campaign to give talks that attract leads and clients. Matt Kraus is a presentation consultant who can help you with the whole speaking-as-lead-generation issue: I don’t know what Matt’s consulting rates are, but I know he’s considering putting together some sort of group mentoring program that might be a good resource at an attractive price point.
  6. Email marketing, especially email courses designed to sell something:

Available Services

To help you create these seven assets for your business, I offer several services that accommodate a range of needs from "DIY-er needing some expert guidance" to "Philip, just put together a team and do it all for us please".

Positioning Accelerator Program

If you need some custom support with your positioning process, my positioning accelerator program is for you. You get Slack chatroom access to me for same-day responses to your specific questions and potential roadblocks, along with weekly office hours calls for realtime problem-solving and accountability check-ins. Even better, you'll get to interact with others who are facing the same challenges you are, which accelerates your progress.


More details on the Positioning Accelerator Program >>

1-on-1 Coaching

If you need a lot of custom support with your positioning or content marketing, my 1-on-1 coaching is the best level of support. You'll get weekly 1-on-1 video calls plus priority response to questions via email or Slack. If you're feeling like the positioning process is particularly challenging or it's bringing up a lot of fear or uncertainty, 1-on-1 coaching is ideal.


Contact me to inquire>>

Strategy Consulting

If you need to make a positioning decision within a month and you have a headcount of 5 or more, a strategy consulting engagement makes a lot of sense. I can support you with customer development interviews, market research, and strategic guidance to help you best leverage positioning in your business.

$Custom based on your needs

Get in touch now to discuss your needs >>

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