[PMC] I’m in love…

…with my new publishing workflow!

I’m also in love with my wife Cheryl too, in case she’s reading this. 🙂 <3

Not long ago I mentioned a new publishing workflow: https://philipmorganconsulting.com/pmc-automation-fail/

There was much chin-stroking and head-nodding amongst this list.

Then I started to run into problems with the workflow. The Dropbox-to-blog-post plugin started putting garbage into the blog posts. The garbage looked fine to the human eye, but the RSS feed wouldn’t validate, and so ConvertKit wouldn’t auto-publish new posts as emails.

I troubleshot. I monkeyed around with stuff I have no business monkeying around with.

And then, I changed things in a delightful way.

I now write my blog posts in Ulysses, which has the ability to write in Markdown and export that writing to a blog post with two clicks. CMD-6 brings up the export box, and then two more clicks publish it to WordPress.

On the WordPress side, this plugin prevents the new post from publishing immediately, and instead schedules it during one of 5 slots during the week: https://wordpress.org/plugins/publish-to-schedule/

Ulysses automatically opens up a preview of the new post, where I can check it real quick for mistakes, and then just correct any mistakes or close the browser tab if there are none.

From there, a RSS-to-email rule in ConvertKit does the rest (and other email platforms including Drip, Mailchimp, and SharpSpring have similar automation rules).

Beautiful simplicity!